Blogging 411: Tada, a new look!

So, I’ve been swapping between one or two themes since the beginnings of this blog. While I like them, I figured it could use a new look. After I let the idea bounce around in my head (though I was pretty sure I already decided), I decided to go for it.

I had hoped to activate this theme on the first of the month, part of the NaBloPoMo opening but ran into minor technical difficulties. But here it is and you know what? I really like this look. I will be tweaking things here and there as I familiarize myself with this new theme and all the features I never knew existed!

What I love about it:
  • it’s a clean design
  • customizing is straightforward
  • nothing is too fancy (though I suppose this could be just another way to say bullet one)
  • it works well with other blogging tools I use (for now)
  • the layout and design is pretty close to what I was looking for (and you’d be surprised at what doesn’t work for you until you’re trying to make it work and nothing is working)

A fresh start for the rest of the year! (I still can’t believe we’re on the last leg of 2017)

Feel free to head over to the 411 Toolbox for details.




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