Time Flies: The First of November

I’m not going to lie, it’s tempting to turn this info another “time flies” post, but seeing that’s the title of this post I’m moving on.

There is only 61 days left in 2017 and by the time I hit publish on this post it will be 60.

(A November 1st post on November 2. I’m amused)

What can you do in 60 days? Plenty I say. Or, at least, I hope. With NaBloPoMo taking place at least 30 of those days I’d say the last stretch of 2017 should be eventful. There are many reviews in my queue and if I can pull myself out of autopilot, I occasionally slip into, it really will be eventful.

So claps hands together, what’s on the agenda?


What can I say? There is so much to pick from and yet there isn’t. I surpassed my GoodReads goal of  65 by 21 (as of today) so there should be at least five more books to review by the year’s end. I know I’m obnoxiously low-balling, but with school, Russian, and life it may be too arrogant of me to promise a number higher than I am comfortable with. I would hate to set myself up for disappointment, you know? I may be able to bump that number to seven. We shall see.


Oh, boy. So far behind when your consider all the side shows I was quite expect. Hart of Dixie was a pleasant surprise. I also find it hard for me to ignore the anime I’m surprised to have watched as well. And my beloved Scorpion is still topping my list of shows I’m actually staying on top off. So there is that. I’ll give myself at least two, okay three series I can review before years end.


Goodness there’s been a few good ones that premiered this year, hasn’t there. And a couple more coming up this rest-of-autumn season. I’ll be optimistic and say I should, should, be able to review at least three more movies.

So, again, 60 days until we say good-bye to 2017. Hashtag: let’s do this! (😝 #letsdothis)


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