At the Movies: The Dark Tower

Genres: fantasy, paranormal, sci fi

Okay, not quiet at the theater but watching it nonetheless.

Excited to watch it. The trailer looked so good.


A good storyline. The trailer looks like it was based on multiverse theory which, for a “non-loving” Sci-Fi fan, I absolutely love seeing done. Yes, total geek, but that’s the INTPer in me I guess. And Stephen King is genius when it comes to plot (except that I don’t watch his movies since they usually fall in the horror genre which I am definitely not a fan of).

Awesome tension between good versus bad. And I’m speculating here. Matthew McConaughey is the bad guy while Idris Alba is the hero and since I think both actors do such a great job in whatever roles they play, I’m interested in seeing how they playoff each other.

So here goes …

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