Blink … day 7 October

Oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness, oh my goodness! Did that just happen? Is it already day seven of October? Has my last post really been five days ago?

Sighs. Goodness, I never intend to miss that many days between posts. But, I have to admit, my mind is stuck on solving this Google Sheets problem. You see, I figured out a tracking system for my pen pals. To most people, that it’s not a big deal. 

Just list their address or keep a running log.

Well, that’s the point. But I didn’t want just a log . . . anyway! I’ll make a post on that later and I’ll give the reason. Back on track now. But really quickly, this is one problem that my mind has worked on in the background for some time now. 

So, I finally figured out a tracking system that works for me (because I’m picky about stuff) except for this one little thing I want my Google Sheet to do for me. Just one little thing that I’m sure is possible if I get the right formula . . . which I will share in another post. But trying to figure this out has pretty much zapped any brain power I have left after studying and working. And apparently, it’s taken me five days to figure out my mind has been on lockdown and snap out of it for a little while. Enough to realize that I haven’t blogged in a while and that I probably should post something.

You know, that’s just the thing with INTPers like myself. We just get locked into things and disappear, you know? But that’s another post as well.

So, we’ll see how long I can stay anchored ;). До встречи!  Пока пока.



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