Movie 411: Hitman’s Bodyguard

Genres: action

Director: Patrick Hughes (Expandables 3)
Screenplay: Tom O’Connor
Released: August 2017
Genre: Action/Comedy
Rated: R . . . a hard R-rating

The Hook:

Ryan Reynolds!!

411 Junkie Rundown:

It’s all in the title really, but . . . a hitman has decided to testify against this global baddie and whether this evil guy gets locked away or not solely depends on this hitman’s testimony. But this global baddie, well, he’s a baddie for a reason. He has lots of pull and power so when authorities go to transport this hitman to the trial, BAM! Ambushed by people who try to kill him so he can’t testify. Enter outside help.

Random thoughts:

As soon as I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I was going to watch it. Let’s table that I’m a huge Ryan Reynolds fan for a moment. Okay, never mind because Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson!! How can you not want to watch this? Unless, of course, you prefer a no-swearing, no-killing kind of movie.

The Plot:

So good, if you ask me. A bodyguard for a highly qualified hitman? I mean, really? How awesome is that plot? Do they kill each other? Do they even know each other? They travel similar circles after all, right? Well, all these questions are answered, and then some. I’m sure this isn’t the first movie that had that premise, but it’s the first in a long time I’ve heard or seen with this kind of plot. Very entertaining.

and Presentation:

A+. Not only do Reynolds and Jackson do such a good job. The action sequence, the scene layouts, the dialogue. All awesome. Great balance of seriousness, that moves the plot along, and comedy. It’s witty humor, you know? I’m sucker for witty humor. I also liked that they presented Michael Bryce’s (Reynolds) way of doing things and Darius Kincaid’s (Jackson) way of doing things.

And then you have Selma Hayek and Gary Oldman’s performance topping things off. So awesome.


This is definitely a must add. It’s entertaining enough that I’d reach for it more than once to watch. Well worth the investment if you ask me.



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