Rewatch: The Librarians S1

Genres: adventure

So, here I am, finally, finally, able to watch The Librarians S2 when not even five minutes into S2x1 I realized I cannot recall any significant story line from season one.

It’s been that. long.

In it’s premiere year I actually bought the season pass on Amazon. Yes. Bought. Season pass. Because The Librarians are a TNT show and I do not have cable. Hulu wasn’t carrying it either. Since I had been looking forward to this TV series for a while now (really, since the first movie premiered) I thought the first season was worth the money.

And it was.

Until I forgot what the heck happened.

For whatever reason I missed the season two upload on Hulu. It wasn’t until I tried to watch season two on Direct TV Now (and was blocked! As in, unavailable 🙄) that I saw it on Hulu.

Not only do I have to watch two seasons in order to be preped for the current season, I now have to watch season one so I can catch any references made. Sighs.

I’m being dramatic, I know, but I was so hyped to watch season two and now ::pause:: ::rewind:: (for those too young to know what rewind is, it’s when a media tape is reset, by winding the tape, to the beginning. Much like the repeat or back button except it’s physically done😉 📼📽).

It’s a shame I can’t binge watch until my winter break. I’ll have to watch it at normal speed. Like live TV, one episode a day.


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