Because of sick leave

I did it again, didn’t I? Not posting for a week. My goodness. I am weak!

But I wasn’t feeling too well last week. For the most part. It’s a bit frustrating since it happens more often than not, but allergies kicked my butt and then gave me a headache and then I was just plain tired. Not to mention, during that exhaustion, I still had to complete my homework. It was a struggle with my last essay. On the Stoic philosopher, Herillus. Which there is almost no information on.

So, I’m calling it sick leave. Yep. Sick. Leave (which I also did for work, mind you). I mean, how can you possibly concentrate on writing when you’re sniffling, your eyes are itchy, and your head is pounding? But I digress. 

Here’s to the last few days in September! 

Shall we make the most of it? 


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