Study Break: Mental Health

Whew, what a day!

Of course most of my day was spent at work. And while I love working at the library, the day can drag on. 

From there I jumped into my Russian language studies. I’ve slacked off on this now that I’ve doubled my efforts at school. Well, to be honest, I also haven’t made a real study plan (until now).

Not to mention that I spent the first half of the week contemplating Aristotle’s philosophy on metaphysics, logic, and politics and that the past couple of weeks I was picking apart the key dialogues of Plato and his Theory of Forms … a mental health break is called for.

Every once in a while you need to take a break from rigorious if not it can be rather taxing.

So here’s to a study break! Except, on this break all I can think of is what to study next in my language learning journey, and posting. I made it through most of Pimsluer’s Conversational Russian and now listening to Pimsluer’s short course. Aside from audio practice, I’m also getting familiar with reading Russian.

But that’s my study break, for now 😊.

Добрый вечер! (Good Evening!)


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