End of Binge Watch: Hart of Dixie

Over a year ago, July 2016 to be exact, I found myself wide awake with nothing to do (read all about it here). Finding myself seven episodes deep during my first sitting, I decided I liked this show. Loved this show. 

With in seven days, I made it to Season 2 Episode 14 and a month later I would find the time to watch S2 E15. And then I stopped. Abruptly. As in, “there’s no way I can continue in this emotional state now” kind of stop. Because . . . Zade! Heart. Break. Seriously. And it would take me over a year later to finish this wonderful series.  

And it would take me over a year later to finish this wonderful series.  

Childish? Maybe. Dramatic? Possibly. Emotional? As emotional as an INTP can get. Which is very. Except we wear it on the inside.

Now, I like spoilers. So I did look up how things ended immediately after S2 E15 “The Gambler.” I just had to! I needed to know. Even when I did, I still couldn’t watch. 

Now I am happy to report I have completed this wonderful series and I am glad/sad that I did. sniffs Such a great show. I’m sad they only took it to season four, but I’m glad they were able to close out the show with . . . well, closure. 

So, my game plan is to be reviewing the four seasons they were in production this month because this show deserves it. 

2 thoughts on “End of Binge Watch: Hart of Dixie

    1. InfoJunkie

      If you’re looking for an easy going show, I think it would be worth it. It doesn’t have the witty banter of the Gilmore Girls, but it has that same small town feel, which I enjoy. I liked it because it was fun and simple, nothing too dramatic or pushing the limits.


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