Is it seriously September already? (2017)

Like, seriously? September? Jeepers.

And talk about checking out. I really checked out, huh? Did a “Summer Holiday: Day 1” and didn’t really come back the rest of summer. I can’t say that I’m back to my regular routine just yet. Truthfully (and I may have mentioned this), I came -|this|- close to throwing in the towel and signing off blogging for a while. Life’s been kicking my butt lately and with my focus on school (since I’m -|this|- close to graduating with a BA in European History, boo-yah!) it’s been kicking my butt double time. 

But (and I may have mentioned this too), I just can’t do it. Give up blogging? gasp Never! Dramatic? Absolutely. But I haven’t given myself good enough reason to quit it so . . . onward!

With more than half the year gone, however, one has to wonder where to go from here. At least, I do. Wonder that is. As far as blogging goes. That is. So as usual, I’m moving onward with no plan in particular, but then again, a plan is so restricting (a half joke here because plans do come in handy, when you stick to it, which I do–honest!–about 60% of the time and really, I have a hard time with the follow through . . . anyway!). 

[Yeah, I had a whole other paragraph and stuff written and then I switched to my phone, hit update on accident and it erased everything I typed. Ugh! Ah well. Moving on . . . round two —>] That’s never stopped before though, eh? Not having a plan. Or at least, not sticking to a plan, or, I mean, following through with a plan. 

I do have to get back into practice though. Posting that is. NaBloPoMo is right around the corner. November will be here in no time. May as well get back on it, right? 

So, here I am, 411 Junkie, making the most of the last four months of 2017! (Four months! Can you believe that? 2017 is more than halfway gone! Just 17 weeks until Christmas! Jeepers . . . )



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