Blogging: The History of Blogging

All righty then. I realize that the last post, aside from yesterday’s preview, was just about a month ago. The first day of vacation and I never came back. Until now. 

There’s no real good excuse save I’ve been keeping up with school. And I would very much love to say I’m back at it, as in going back to my regular postings, but I can’t say it with 100% surety.   

Looking back at my foray into blogging, I can’t believe it’s been eight years since my very first blog post. I remember my reluctance at starting a blog. It seemed everyone was starting one and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure what in the world I would write about. Absolutely no idea. (And being the history geek and information junkie I am, I just had to look into the history of blogging. A Brief History of Blogging has a good overview on the history of blogging. Fascinating read, really. I mean, did you know that back in 1999 there were only about 23 blogs in existence and by 2006 there were around 50 million? Ah-mazing! Anyway . . .) So why would I need a blog? 

Well, my very first blog was on Blogger. The focus was on technology and information security. I wasn’t a huge computer geek, but I appreciated the need for information security. In a world where almost every has an online presence, I couldn’t believe how much stuff the general public did know regarding virtual security. I intended to share that world with whoever would listen. Trouble was, since I wasn’t a huge computer geek so talking about them was challenging. I didn’t want to come across as clueless, or worse, add to the piles of misinformation that’s out there. Those are hard things to avoid when you’re not quite the techie you think you are.

So my focus changed to entertainment. I was already a book worm and a movie buff. And with television, though I hardly watched it, I had a handful of shows I followed and wanted to talk about. With anybody I could. Even if it was just to post random thoughts. At this time, I was also thinking about writing as a career of sorts so . . . there was that.

And now, here I am, eight years later and still love blogging about my opinions of books, movies, and television. And that’s not sarcasm either. 

Which is where I am at now. Do I want to continue in to keep blogging? Absolute. About movies and television? Yes. So here I am (sings off key  rock me like a hurricane), pressing forward with my blogging and hoping to finish a few housekeeping on the back end of things. 

Until the next post.



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