Is it June already? Take 2

That has never happened to me before. I typed out a blog post last night albeit halfway to dreamland, hit published, saw that it got published before reaching dreamland, and now it’s no where to be found. Not in Trash or Scheduled or Draft. Well, I did find it in draft, tried to publish it again and said “cannot add to database” and then poof. Gone. Interesting.

And while it is what it is I am a little disappointed that it didn’t get published on June 1st. Moving on.

My, my, my. June already. So. Fast.

What I can’t believe either is that it’s been 14 days since my last post! I know was zoning out a bit but I didn’t mean to go dark for that long.

The first seven days was me zeroing in on my final research project for Russian History–the Law Code of 1649 and the beginning of serfdom. No matter what kind of history I study I tend to gravitate towards the judicial system and entertainment. Like “we have television and movies, what did Imperial Russia do for fun?” And I was fascinated by the work the Odoyevsky Commission did and how one key section set the course of Russia’s economy. And I had the unique challenge to gather all this data and structure it into a power point presentation (which I aced by the way. 100 out of 100 points, thankyouverymuch). Up next is ⚒Viking History⚔️, class starting Monday, and I. Can’t. Wait! 

And then I have been binge reading. The weekly paper assignment for Russian History set back my reading schedule and with the week off between semester I just had to catch up! Battlemage and the Crown’s Fate have been out since early May and I still didn’t reread! I so far behind. 

And today my allergies have left me exhausted. I was going to squeeze out a review but the discovered my post disappeared. So … until tomorrow for that one.

We are heading into my least favorite season but we’re just one season away from my favorite season 🍂💛🍁💛🌾.

Happy June!


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