Random 411: Book reviews and things

Wow! After posting my thoughts on P. S. I Like You last night, I decided to scroll through my posts to see what more I can add to the many draft posts when I notice that it’s been a long while since I posted a book review! I couldn’t believe it. Things have been busy, life has been . . . a bit chaotic, but I didn’t realize it’s been months since I posted about a book. With all the books I’ve been vorociously reading I’m shocked that I haven’t posted more.

So then I started thinking why is that and I think a part of it is the inner battle that I want to post stuff because I like posting stuff. Even if it isn’t good stuff the process of me writing about stories is soothing. Weird, I know. And on the other side of the battle is that I want to step things up, polish up my writing, figure out ways to make things  . . . different. And I’m still figuring out how to do that exactly. Between school, work, and life it’s been challenging to think up stuff. 

So I just don’t post stuff, you know? But I don’t think that’s going to help any. 

Moving forward, I’m just going to post what I post as consistently as possible and let it go from there. Which I think is what I’m kinda doing when I think about it.


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