Random 411: On Holiday

What a beautiful thing, paid holiday.

My official holiday began yesterday, but since I don’t work on weekends, 4:30 pm Friday was when I took a deep breath and sighed because I’d be free from official work for two weeks.

Originally, this holiday was scheduled to fly off on a family (extended family included) vacation to Disneyland, but personal matters interfered with that but you can still have a relaxing holiday even though you don’t go anywhere. After all, it’s a chance to recuperate is it not? However form that recuperation takes the whole point of taking a break from work is to take that time to relax. Free you time to do other things. 

And I plan to. Not that I have a plan or anything and if I’m honest I’ve slipped these past two days on my Russian studies 😝, but it’s nice not to wake up early only to rush to work for the next nine hours.

And it’s not like I’ve just been lounging around. I’ve been reading! And I don’t care that some of you may think that counts as lounging but I assure it most certainly isn’t. Especially if some of that reason is homework, thank you very much. With this week free I can focus on writing my final paper for my philosophy class which reflects upon the philosophical puzzle “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?” I get to explain how this is an epistemological problem and how John Locke may answer it. True to my geeky self, I’m loving it!

So there’s that.

But I have read Shelia Connolly’s latest Count Cork Mystery, Cruel Winter. I love this series. I really do. I really love Maura and the gang at Sullivan’s.

And I’ve started Meg Cabot’s Abandon series which I’m finding interesting. A bit scattered, but interesting.

So after tackling my philosophy paper, there is a … desire to catch up on all those posts that I have in my queue. Which, if I really think about it, there shouldn’t be an excuse not to get a few out. 

But I’m on holiday! *laughs*

Seriously hough, I have every intention to get out at least the six I have in draft mode (oh! Make that 5 since I didn’t publish my review on Moana which was one of the six. So see? I’m on track).

So, this holiday should have me recharging my batteries. Writing, reading, catching up on TV, watching movies. All are hobbies I love to do and I get to do even more of it. Win win.


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