Random 411: Thoughts on Philosophy 101

I’m into week two of Intro to Philosophy and I must say, I’m geeking out hard core. We’ve read up on “What is Philosophy?,” “Why study Philosophy?” (Not that there is a definite answer, but enlightening nonetheless), Thales, and pre-Socratics. This week we got into Socrates and Plato. 

I am geeking out because this class seems to speak directly to my inner geek. You see, I’ve always appreciated the value of knowledge. From an early age I always thought “there is more to learn.” Call it staying green or expanding your mind or whatever, but not everyone appreciated my inquisitive nature, but I strived to learn as much as I could when I could.

And it was no holds bar when it came to learning. I enjoyed history and English and social studies. And even though I never excelled at it, Math and Science did pique my interest. I love learning about computers (and sub categories of computers such as info sec and A+ studies) and movies and languages. I guess I wouldn’t be an info junkie if I didn’t have so many things I want to learn about.

And this class. This class helps tie all this together in the sense that I am given tools to better vet my beliefs and how to approach others in this capacity. I admire the Socratic method and what Socrates suffered as a result of being his ideas on to the surface. I admire the curiosity these philosophers must have carried in them.

And it is my hope to emulate what they accomplished.

Picture: Jantoo (through Google search on philosophizing)


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