Random 411: I’m still here

Has it really been that long since I posted something?! Twelve days?! I could have sworn I did more than one post and seriously thought it was only about a week. Sighs.

In my defense I have been in minor to mild pain, taking a muscle relaxant some nights. It’s nothing major, but the doctor wasn’t lying when he said it could make me drowsy. It’s my shoulder. It appears I have a muscle spasm behind my shoulder blade and it’s so dang irritating and sometimes very sore.

So you add that to the first week of the semester and you have the perfect excuse 😉.

Oh, I am happy to report I’ve been doing well with the a month of letters challenge. That’s partly why I’ve lost track of posting (I have draft posts sitting in my queue. I just haven’t put the final touches on them to publish. Sighs. Excuses!). I’m entering dreamland after taking my meds, writing at least one letter, and studying for a bit.

Now that I know I haven’t been publishing anything, it’s on my to do list for this week. But my eyelids are closing (like I mentioned earlier), my iPad already hitting my forehead once.

Til tomorrow!


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