Study Break: A little closer to the finish line

What a semester!

These past eight weeks had my mind wrapped up in linguistics. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I registered for this class. All I knew was that I always wanted to learn a second language, I am a history major, and it would be to see what “a study of language” meant.

I’m not entirely sure how being a history major mattered in my decision to take Intro to Linguistics, but I remember thinking how language is an essential part of a culture and it may correlate with history on some level. Oh, and I was thinking “if I learn how to speak another language, I’ll be able to access the knowledge written in that language.”

I could read manuscripts or even newspapers. It may not be as prestigious as old manuscripts, but understanding Tolstoy in its native language opens up a new perspective. And that appeals to me. As a history major, acquiring a couple more languages could knock down barriers in research. And that appeals to me. Knowing how language is used, structured, and how it changes over time, how it adapts, is an added resource to have when I’m looking for clues to help along a research project. And that appeals to me.

And I’ve wrapped up my final paper which was to describe the semantics and/or morphology of a language not native to me and since I’m learning Russian, O decided to go with that.

And it was exhausting! Challenging, exhausting, but fun.

So, I am going to enjoy this short reprieve in academic learning for the rest of my break. Recharging my batteries with books, TV, and movies before diving in Philosophy come Monday.

До скорого … Пока!


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