Biblio 411: Logging Your Reads!

As you may well have guessed, I’m an information junkie. The problem with being an information junkie is the annoying need to know.

For example:

  • I read a total of 62 books
  • which totals to 12,892 pages
  • and that the longest book I read had 669 (Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare)
  • and out of those 62 books, 19 contributed to the 26 reading challenges.
  • I read mostly works of female authors
  • and mostly mysteries
  • in electronic format (mainly Kindle)
  • purchased from Amazon.
  • It also seems, on average, I take about two days to complete a book.

And all this because I thought Book Riot reading log was brilliant and immediately downloaded it so I could keep track of my reads. Like their post mentions, GoodReads is an immensely useful tool (which I talk about here) and I still use it but sometimes you just need to know more.

Which brings me to a shout out to Book Riot once more because they’ve made an epic reading log (which you can find here). I’ve already downloaded it and can’t wait to fill it up. This log has a few more categories to track including whether the read is comic or prose (which I’m not sure if I’ll use this since I don’t read much comics), fiction or nonfiction, and a reading challenge column. They even created a “results” tab which is I love because, hello, information junkie. It’s a nice summary to the main log.

Mad props (I don’t know if this phrase is even used anymore?) going out to Book Riot for taking the time to come up with such a log and then to share with all of us lesser beings (because it never dawned on me to create a reading log in a spreadsheet format face palm–and sorry if this generalization seems offensive, I really am referring to me as the lesser being–#disclaimer?), what I like about their templates is that from here, I can customize the log to what I want to track. And to inspire you a bit more, because it inspired me, you can take a look at this post, again from Book Riot.

With the weekend ahead of me, I know what I’m going to be doing (at least, in theory). Feel free to chime in if you’ve done things differently.


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