Now Featuring: Non-fictional Reads

Looking back on past posts and thinking about all of my good intentions for 2017, I realized that I haven’t reviewed non-fictional reads as much as I read them. Or skim them. Because I’ve skimmed through a lot. I think it’s partly because non-fictional reads are denser than fictional reads so it either takes me much longer to read (sometimes over a year or two and this is from cover to cover, not jumping around). It’s a challenge to read a non-fictional read for fun while reading textbooks for my classes.

But there have been a few good reads and I want to give them a shout out, especially when the author has done a great job in keeping my interest and teaching me something new or opening my mind to a different perspective.

So . . .

in efforts to both keep me on top of my non-fiction TBR pile as well as sending a shout out to non-fictional reads, I’ve decided to showcase a non-fictional read throughout the month. This way, I’ll feel obligated to read the book because I’ve committed to posting about it.

I’m not sure how feasible this will be for me, but there you have it. Another intention.

And I’m looking forward to making good on this intention!Now


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