Recapping 2016 and Listing 2017 Intentions

I know I did a mini review of 2016 on the first, but really it should be 2016, A Summary because I know I didn’t wrap up much. To be honest, I’ve tiptoed around a full recap because I didn’t feel like I accomplished much in 2016. I had good reasons, but still.

I accomplished my GoodReads challenge of reading 50 books and actually surpassed it at 65 books. I surprised myself, but towards the end of the year I locked my mind up in books :). Sadly, out of all the books I read, my “26 Books” challenge was left unfinished at 7 missed books. As much

Sadly, out of all the books I read, my “26 Books” challenge was left unfinished at seven missed books. I didn’t think I missed that many, but there it is.

This year, I’ve set my GoodReads challenge of at 65 books, hoping to at least match last years reading accomplishment. Some of my favorite book series has a book being released this year so I’m looking forward to that and hoping to check them off my list, contributing to this 65 books.

In addition, a new member of Litsy as of this year, I’m considering their AtoZ challenge but I’m trying to find something else. My deadline for finding this list is the end of this week. And since this is a review blog of sorts, kinda, that’s the intention anyway, I’ll make it a point to post 4 book reviews each month.

As for movies, well . . . that’s harder, isn’t it? It’s not like there’s a movie challenge. Okay, I stand corrected because, of course, I googled “movie challenges” and got back a few lists. I’ll scan through those to see if any piques my interest. I will make it a point to post at least 4 movie reviews each month.

And now we come to television. That has become a gray area for me. So many series I’ve left mid-series, some I want to get back to but just can’t seem to get to it. There’s Hart of DixieSuitsSupernaturalThe Vampire Diaries, to name a few. But I am up-to-date on Scorpion and I’m happy they’re well into season three. It’s a good show!

Sighs. Again, television. That’s hard, but this post is all about my intentions for 2017 so with that in mind, I will continue watching Scorpion and make it a point to post a review of at least two episodes of that month.  Allowing for the summer break of course. And I will also make it a point to finish watching Hart of Dixie because there really is no excuse why I can’t finish it since they’re all loaded on Netflix. It’s just #spoileralert[su_spoiler title=”#SpoilerAlert” style=”simple” icon=”plus-circle”]I’m hesitating because . . . Wade and Zoey! Like, not together? I can’t handle that! And you know, I *know* they get back together, eventually, but . . . I can’t.[/su_spoiler] Sighs.

But, again, I’ll make it a point to finish Hart of Dixie and post my review on it.

So, to recap my 2017 intentions because 1) I’m a geek and 2) it’ll make it easier for me to reference throughout the year (hm, maybe I’ll make a 2017 Intentions page to keep my on point):

  • Post at least four book reviews a month
  • Post at least four movie reviews a month
  • Follow at least one television series – Scorpion is my pick
  • Post at least two episode reviews of that television series
  • Finish Hart of Dixie and post a review

Okay, I know that’s kind of bland (at least, it reads bland to me), but it’s a start, right? I’m hoping to hash this all out by the end of this week. I realize this should have already been done, but better late than never, right? And I did put a deadline on it :P.

So, here’s looking forward to another 365 days (or, well, 362 days now) to carry out my go– I mean, intentions!

Go me!


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