2016, A Review

Would you look at that. The last day of 2016.

What a year! 

I have to admit, this year was pretty darned challenging but very insightful. I learned a lot about myself, partly because I had to and partly because I was curious. After all, we INTPs consider ourselves as a long term study (so I hear and find very truthful, at least for me 😉).

If I have learned anything this year is that depression is a very real illness and that it doesn’t affect people in the stereotypical way. Someone who has depression doesn’t have to be sad all the time. They don’t need to have suicidal thoughts to be depressed either. And just because you can’t visibly see depression doesn’t make it any less real.

Another thing I’ve learned is that you can “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again” but sometimes it’s darned hard do so. Point is it’s possible.

As usual, stories have made this year easier throughout all mediums–books, movies, and television.

I found a few standalones I’ve fallen in love with like P.S. I Like You (Katie West), Better Off Friends (Elizabeth Eulberg), and Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella); book series I’ve fallen in love with like The Summoner series (Taran Matharu), The Jackaby series (William Ritter), A Psychic Eye Mystery series (Victoria Laurie), The Raven Cycle (Maggie Steifvater) to name a few; and series that I’m excited to continue such as Arcana Chronicles and The Dark Artifices.

Who can forget the big hits in movies this year? At the very least some really good story lines. Suicide Squad, Jack Reacher, and Moana immediately come to mind but that is far from complete. 

Television finally had the final, final season of one of my dearest shows, The Gilmore Girls, but I still can’t talk about it. Moving on, I did jump on the Suits bandwagon which I’m kinda loving, kinda because I’ve paused midway through Season 5, and I am loving season three of Scorpion.

I usually don’t do music, but I can’t help but mention I am finally the owner of Rob Thomas’ newest album The Great Unknown which was released last August, I am so glad I preordered Michael Bublé’s Nobody But Me album, and Play That Song by Train has been stuck in my head for the last couple of weeks of this year (it’s that darned Heart and Soul melody, I tell ya. The only piano tune I could play with confidence outside Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

So, 2016. Lots of new things, some of the old things, most of them good things.

Goodbye, 2016. You’ve been an interesting year, a challenging year, a decent year. Пока пока!

3 thoughts on “2016, A Review

  1. alison brodie

    Great post. I’ve coped with depression ever since I can remember – (it’s the curse of the Scots) – but I never have it when I am writing – that’s cos I’m in another world. Scientists say that reading can reduce depression – which I can understand. But writing, also, reduces depression. It’s about focusing totally on something outside yourself. Happy 2017! And keep smiling! xx


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