Life 411: Majors and minors and stuff

Will you look at that? It’s already Friday! Unbelievable.

Now, you’ll be so very proud of me because I’ve put my homework as a priority. I mean, you’re rooting for me to graduate with a degree, right? I know I am. I know I mentioned it before, but linguistics is proving an interesting challenge. I hope I make it through with a decent grade.

Aside from school studies sucking away some of my writing time this week (and spotty wifi coverage), I have to say my brain has been occupied with the decision on whether to change my minor or not.

Really. Your minor? Why is that even on the radar?

Well, I like being able to say I had educational training in more than one thing. So when I had the option whether to choose a minor or not, I said “why not?” And if you’ve followed my blog for sometime and reading every single post I’ve posted, you’ll know that it’s been a tug-of-war between Philosophy and Sociology. You’ll know that I started off with majoring in History with a minor in Philosophy and then I switched to Sociology. And now I’m thinking I’ll go back to Philosophy.

I’ve taken a class or two in the Sociology minor track and realized that while I find this subject fascinating I don’t think I’m a good fit for it. Sighs. It may have something to do with the science of it all. You know? Science and I just don’t mix! I figure since this is more of a social science, it may be easier on me. My argument for switching to sociology (which, if you’re interested in it, it’s here Educational Pursuits: The Leap and that was back in 2014!) is that I’ve always been interested in people and cultures. And the one class that lead me to studying sociology was the only class I did well in 🙁 .

I’m not sure if I can quite explain it, but all I know is these past few days I’ve reviewed the differences between sociology and philosophy as well as what sort of skills do they teach or enhance. The skill set studying philosophy tends to teach are things that I’m familiar with and come natural to me and my inquisitive mind. It’s broader subject than sociology and I’m thinking that’s more my speed.

And I’ve come to the conclusion. I’m going back to Philosophy. It just seems to be more my speed.

Here’s what I’ve gathered on both subjects:

Philosophy Teaches [1]
  • How to read critically (i.e., a book, magazine article, newspaper, P&L statement, web traffic report, etc.) [sic]
  • How to write well. (this could be an email, letter, report, blog, or living will).
  • How to debate and speak in front of large audiences.
  • How to create impromptu arguments and analysis (this may be the number one business skill of all time and I’d hire someone with this skill set versus a Harvard graduate any day).
  • How to figure out what is right and wrong (ethics) and identify with different sorts of people and cultures (this is critical in the modern workforce, think how different your job is from what you see on Mad Men each week).
  • How to apply logic to any problem.
  • How to think strategically or see the “big picture.”
  • How to think about a problem by deconstructing the big picture and looking at the details.
Sociology Teaches [2]
  • How to uses empirical and scientific methods to address problems facing human civilization
  • How people interact with each other

I have always been interested in how a society functions, but being the type of geek I am (an information horde), sociology seems too narrow of a field for me, in addition to me stumbling upon the science of things. I mean, the discussions and answers I had in the sociology classes seem to have come from a historical point of view rather than a clinical point of few and I’m thinking that’s why I had such a hard time in those classes.

Anyway, when I stumbled up on the benefits of studying each field, the skills that Philosophy teaches and/or enhances are things that come natural to me, things that I am really interested in versus I am interested.

So, while this window of opportunity to change my minor is still open, I best be going through the process.

Which is why I’ve been away. And which is why I’m off!

1. Vincent Scordo, Why Major in Philosophy?, n. d.,
2. David Ferris, “What distinguishes philosophy from sociology,” n.d.,

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    Uh, mathematics would be even worse for me! We don’t get along, Math and I. And you’re right, e.g. is what it should be. It’s a quote though so let me make the proper correction.


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