We interrupt this program . . . 

Due to technical difficulties.

For whatever reason, my internet coverage has been knocking on and off this evening (cue eye roll here) making it really hard to write a solid post, with pictures and everything.

I’ve been pretty good posting this past week, finally getting some momentum again, and I’d hate to loose this streak.

So, please forgive me for posting such a lame post like “technical difficulties so come back later” but it’s for the best.

On the upside, I’ll probably be able to keep up on my homework since that’s what I’m going to be doing now thaty distraction and reason to procrastinate has been fouled by little to no internet access.

Intro to Linguistics is pretty darned interesting but a bit difficult. Well, more than I had anticipated, which I didn’t really know what to expect, but it is challenging. This week I’m reading about pragmatically and stuff. Like locutionary act, illocutionary act, and percutionary act.

So, until later . . . when the Internet is up and running.

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