Biblio Sneak Peek: The Art and Craft of Hand Lettering

Saturdays are usually when I make a trip the local library (but don’t you work in a library? To which I’ll reply with “And?”) and today was no different. I did have a purpose, though, to hunt down a book like The Arts and Crafts of Hand Lettering. Like anyone who is looking to learn new things, or review old things, you hunt down a book. Or books. 

Of course there’s the internet, but what fun is that? 

Anyway, so I’ve been trying to spruce up my stationery. I’ll be entering the third year of getting serious on letter-writing (now that I’m back on track health-wise. Hopefully). And I feel so bad because some of my pen pals make such wonderful stationery things. Like they make their own envelopes and have, like, fancy paper. Or just pretty paper with cute or fun designs. And then you have me, replying on computer paper with blue ink and maybe a sticker or two. Lame! 

I’m good with words and stuff, but arts and crafts? Not one of my strengths.

Hence the book on hand lettering. I figure the least I can do is make my letters pretty. 

And this book is a good place to start. As with most non-fiction reads, it’s for information and wether the book was able to answer your question, teach you new things, or teach how to do things better.

I’m looking forward to browsing this book in hopes to pick up some tips and maybe a few ideas on making pretty letters.

Wish me luck!


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