Random 411: The Weekend and stuff

I know one shouldn’t make a big deal about weekends and such. I’d like to say I’m not. But days off from work is always a welcome reprieve. Unless you love your work. Then it doesn’t matter whether you have a weekend or not. And it’s not like I don’t love my job. I like my it’s just . . .

So. The weekend had officially begun for me and I’m I’m faced with the “ok, what do I do?” and if I’m honest all I can think about is a good book, time alone with my thoughts, and room to write. 

Yes, yes it’s boring. Unless you’re a reader. Or a writer. Or a deep thinker. Anyway . . .

We only have three more weekends until 2017. Three more weekends to make the most of your weekends before your weekends are weekends in another year.

So, I guess I really should be wrapping up my reading challenges and coming up with a game plan for leveling up in writing. Oh, and to pass Into to Linguistics. 

Have an awesome weekend!


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