Biblio 411: Finding Audrey

Author: Sophie Kinsella
Series: A stand alone
The Hook: I’ve enjoyed many of Sophie Kinsella’s books (believe it or not the Shopaholics isn’t one of them and there was one book that I enjoy as much, but I digress) so when I saw she hit the YA market I had to check it out. Oh, and it was noted as an epistolary read while it did have some for of letter-writing in it, writing played a small part of it. But it still gets points in my book since, you know, letters.

The Summary

This is Audrey’s story. (Sorry, I did that for dramatic effect, but it came off as “duh” shrugs) She’s dealing with an anxiety disorder due to a traumatic event and she’s scared, like really scared, of meeting new people and dealing with crowds. She’s comfortable around family, but that’s about it. One day, her brother’s friend, Linus, comes over, sees her in a TV room so he says “hi” and she freaks out but she has to get used to it because he’ll be coming over to practice gaming with her brother. And thus begins her journey back into society.

The Elements

I have to say, this story hit home a bit which made for a pretty cool read. I think mental health problems are somewhat overlooked or underestimated in society so to see how Audrey deals with her anxiety was humbling. While anxiety is not the issue for me, I can relate to her hesitation to do anything that is outside of her comfort zone. I can relate to why she doesn’t want to meet new people or engage with new people, especially because of the reason she’s suffering through it. You don’t know who to trust and if you even want to trust. So anyway, I liked that we get a peek into this world.

And I love that note-passing is how Audrey slowly leaves her comfort zone. Not all the way, of course, but enough to start working her way to getting better. I can relate to that too. Writing as a way to cope with the fact that you’re a little off, a little different, and just plain weird. I like how her family also makes her way into her story and how they’re dealing with Audrey. And I like the effort, and thoughtfulness, Linus takes to make Audrey feel comfortable.

The Presentation

Kinsella is an awesome writer. I love how she weaves her humor with the narrative and while Finding Audrey isn’t a comedy, it has enough to make something that could be a heavy topic into manageable bites. This story, of course, is told from Audrey’s point-of-view and Kinsella does a great job getting us to understand the world through her perspective and how she copes with it. It makes for a good read.

In Conclusion

Finding Audrey is one of those stories that I could read again. It’s endearing, it’s relatable, and in the end makes you smile. You’re rooting for Audrey and we get to see her taking the first steps to getting better. It’s a quick read, with only 286 pages, but a great story to add to your mind.


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