Hello December 2016!

I cannot believe it is December already. I feel like a broken record saying “Time flies” almost every month, but I seriously cannot believe how fast time goes by. Just think, we are almost done with 2016. 2016! There was a meme out there, somewhere, that said something like “Raise your hand if you still think 10 years ago is in the 90s.” This is me, raising my hand, because yep.

And I have to say, I’m sorry things have been a bit slow around here. Several things have happened on a personal level that’s causing all kinds of imbalance to my schedule, including a mad dash to turn in all of my homework so I could get credit for my Cold War history class (which I found fascinating–more on this later . . .  maybe), getting sick, and disappearing into mind (which I didn’t realize until I realized it). And I can say I feel like things are back on track, but then it’ll slip and I find myself MIA for more than I’d like.

With all that said, I’m still loving blogging (even though I kinda suck at it) so I’m still going to do it (regardless if no one reads it) because I love doing it. It keeps me in check, most of the time.

So, I’m wondering what’s in store for December (you know, I had a whole post planned for December 1st, but then homework got in the way so I though “I can still do this tomorrow” and now we’re five days in! Unbelievable. cue broken record). I’ve watched some pretty good movies during the MIA periods and I’ve been a voracious reader when I disappear in my mind so hopefully I’ll get more posts posted. In addition to all this material to work with, a new semester started for me today. Introduction to Linguistics. Sounds so  . . . studious? Scientific-y? Geeky? All of the above? In the introduction post for this week’s class assignment, I am to answer the question “why did you choose this course?” and you know, I didn’t realize how much languages intrigued me until I started to consider learning a second language (which I still haven’t mastered yet. Not even conversational Russian–but I have learned the acrylic alphabet so I’m very proud of that). I’m curious to see how this goes.

And since it’s almost the end of year, I’m sure there will be some of those “what did I enjoy about 2016?” type of posts.

Here’s to December, everyone! Hope it’s awesome!



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