Five Character Deaths I Cannot Get Over (Books)


I’ve been thinking this over for a while now and had an argument with myself to post or not to post. One of the reasons for the “not to post” argument is because this list is constantly changing. But since that is my only arguement, I’m pressing on. 

This list is in no particular order.

1) Finnick Odair- The Hunger Games

I can’t tell you just how sad his death was for me! I came so close to cry my eyes teared (FYI it takes a lot for me to cry).

2) Russell Montgomery – The Lynburn Legacy

This one, too, gripped my heart. Self-sacrifice is almost always hard to take. This one hit me because he was such a lovable character, but mainly because of Kami’s good-bye to him sniffs

3) Sirius Black – The Harry Potter Series

I was so angry when I read his death! It was sad, yes, but I was upset at the fact that Harry finally, finally, had aome kind of family (blood related because, seriously, we all know he’s an adopted Weasley) and then WHAM! gone. Ugh!

4) Fred Weasley – The Harry Potter Series

Yes, two deaths in Harry Potter are on this list (I mean, come on. It was a seven book series!) and Fred’s death was one of those deaths that made me tear. The Weasley twins were my favorite characters since their introduction and to enjoy them all the way until the end, sniffs, that was hard to take. I mean, to have one of them died made sense, as much as I don’t like it. 

5) Jimmy – Say Goodnight, Gracie

I cried! This was one of the first books, if not the first, I read where a character dies and I was so very sad when Jimmy died. I felt Morgan’s grief through out the entire book. It was one of the first lesson I had of death and grief that really hit me. And I was in high school.


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