Biblio 411: Reasons to Read

For those of you who didn’t know by now, I love to read. I can write a full page of reasons I read, but this captures just about all of them and it is plainly put.

I particularly love the first paragraph because that is the number one reason I enjoy reading so much–I am curious. Reading helps me explore different perspectives, different realities, different experiences. Sometimes it places me in uncomfortable situations because I see inaccuracies in my beliefs, yet, because if this, it makes my beliefs stronger. 

I have no advice to offer those who don’t enjoy reading except to not ignore it all together. Try. Start with subjects you like or want to learn about. Reading doesn’t have to fiction or make believe. Non-fiction reads are based on subjects so find something you like. You always wanted to travel? Pick up a travel guide of the area you want to visit. And if reading is hard for you, skim it. Skim through parts that grab your attention. Read the introduction and the conclusion. Read magazine articles or graphic novels. Read the Garfield Comics or the Calvin and Hobbes. With so many sources of reading it is hard for me to imagine someone can’t find anything that interests them.

Reading expands your universe, pushes your boundaries, and enhance your life. You owe it to yourself to grab at the opportunities to do so.


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