Wise Words: Another Type of Adventure

Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.

When I think of adventure, I think zip lining or traveling to a new place or trying something new so when I came across this quote I couldn’t help but reflect upon all the conversations I’ve had since I can remember to see if I ever considered any of them as an adventure.

And you know what? I did. None immediately pops into my head, but I know there has been more than one conversation where I felt it was a really good afterward. A few conversations where I really had a good time. When you are able to engage in a conversation that inspires new ideas and/or new perspectives a conversation is just as exhilarating as a zip line. Even if you’re not discussing new ideas, a conversation can be fun. Of course, anything that strikes the heart of your passion is a great adventure, learning a new point of view, a different perspective.

An adventure is defined simply as an exciting or a very unusual experience so perhaps it’s worthwhile to expand our views on what makes up as an adventure, shake off what is “supposed to be,” and open up our minds that, sometimes, the littlest things, the simplest things, our all we need to have some adventure in our lives.


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