OMG Moment!

I don’t believe this!

After prepping the entire day to review the book I really wanted to review, Just One Year, I can’t find my book!

And I am so bummed!

Can’t you do it from memory?

Yes. Yes I can. Allyson and Willem’s story is so ingrained in me that I could. But I don’t want to. I love being able to thumb through the book, rereading my favorite parts, and conveying that into my review. I almost always have the book with me when I do the reviews.

So this royally sucks.

Can’t you just review another book? One you do have in your possession.

Yes. Yes I can. But I don’t want to! The last book I reviewed was Just One Day. I know that if the series were still in play, I wouldn’t have a choice but to review another book, but–call me weird if you want to–I just can’t, knowing that I’ve read all books in the series and prefer to review them in order.


So, on that sad note, I will have to wait for this review until I figure out where in the world did that book go.

Sighs. Again.

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