Random 411: And there goes June!


In this already fast-paced world, it seems time has flown by once again and I’m finding myself staring at the end of June. I say it every year, every time I notice the calendar, so many times it seems to be the norm … time is flying by!

But has it been time well spent?

It is hard to live in the moment, to enjoy the moment, when so many things are grabbing for you. I tend to live on auto-pilot now and then. I find I go through each day the same way in hopes that I can seem put together and in control, after all “life’s a show,” right? (Sorry, got that from my latest favorite series, The Raven Cycle, and quoting Henry Cheng). How many times have you found yourself realizing you’re not quite sure what you’ve done when you find yourself 10 years after graduation?

So, taking the long way around to answer the question posed, I’m not entirely sure. The best thing we can do is strive to be present, while assessing the past and plotting the future, hoping that you are spending the time as best you can with what you’ve got.

Enjoy the sunshine, the rain, the few seconds of silence when you pull into the drive and just sit for moment or two, the soft laughter of a child playing in the yard a few doors down, the chatter of friends enjoying a conversation. Notice the little nuances in the ebb and flow of your life to remind you of the here and the now.

And maybe, just maybe, one day my future self can smile and answer with great confidence, “Yes, it was time well spent.”


Photo Credit: http://instamove.altervista.org


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