We interrupt this program …

. . . because I’m camping.

I was planning on writing a post even though I’m camping. I mean, you don’t need to have Internet connection to write, right? And I could hotspot it with my cellular data if I really wanted to, right?

Well, I was planning to do it anyway, except that it’s windy. And rainy. And it’s not very comfortable trying to draft a eloquent post when you’re trying to keep rain drops for splattering your MacBook, or your tablet, or your phone. And while managing a post on your phone isn’t so bad (considering that’s what I’m doing now), I haven’t gotten comfortable with typing a full 500+ words on this small, mobile screen. Not anything critical anyway, like a review. 

And maybe I’m making an excuse, but, really. I’ll be typing on my phone while flipping through the book I’m planning on reviewing competing against the wind and rain.

Hm, that could be a worth while challenge actually. Ah, but on another cold, windy, and rainy summer night. 

So, until writing is a bit more comfortable again 😊, ciao!


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