Random 411: Summer Lovin’

Ah, summer is in full swing. Or on its way to be, considering that the summer solstice is in a few days away.

Summer is my least favorite season.

“Oh come on!”

I know, something is seriously wrong with me. Who could not want to lounge around on a lazy summer day, soaking up the sun? That would be me. Most of the time. I just don’t like to be hot.

Anyway, the one thing I love about summer is the fact that my favorite season is just around the corner. So, me and Summer? Love-hate relationship.

The second thing I love about summer? Annual beach camping trip. While I don’t love ocean swimming, I love listening to the ocean and I love the option of choosing whether to swim in the ocean or not. It’s all about options, you know?

These two things help make the summer season bearable for me and mildly enjoyable 😉.

And with that … on to camping activities. Because I’m camping. Like, right now. 😊

Happy Summer!


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