Table Talk: Two Stories in One Season

Genres: love stories, young adult

Okay, so do you remember that blog post I wrote around two weeks ago. This one here >> Table Talk: A Beauty, A Year, and a Day Zero. It seriously was a fangirl week for me. So much good news in the entertainment industry. So much.

Well, the day after I wrote that post, I kid you not–the next day!, Kresley Cole announced that not only would Day Zero, an Arcana Chronicles novella, would be released on August 1st, but this fandom would be receiving the next installment in the series only fifteen days later! So not a month or two after the novella is released and hopefully can tie us over until fall, but fifteen days! I cannot tell you just how anxious I am.

See here (posted to her FB page):

You would not believe the cliffhanger book three, Dead of Winter, left us with! I mean, seriously. It was . . . I must have gone disbelief, anger, shock, disbelief again, a little bit of joy, and then back to anger. Disbelief because the book ended so abruptly. Anger that the book ended so abruptly. Shock because the ending hinted at a new Arcana getting some more screen time. Disbelief, again, that the story ended so abruptly. A little bit of joy because my favorite character came to the rescue. And back at anger because the book ended so abruptly and I would have to wait a whole year to find out [su_spoiler title=”SPOILER!” icon=”plus-circle”]what the heck happens after Aric pulls Evie back from The Emperor’s destruction. I want to see how Aric helps Evie through her possible lost.[/su_spoiler]

And so I am super excited that we don’t have to wait long. I am nervous that this one will end on another whopper of a cliffhanger, but I will press on to the end because this series is that good.

So, let the countdown begin!


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