Book Geek Problems: The Perfect Plan

Dear Universe,

I planned it perfectly. Knowing I had a three day weekend coming up, I decided to binge read The Raven Cycle series. The Raven Boys had been on my radar since 2013 and the final book was released a month or so ago, so I was ready to dive in.

I placed my requests at the library; ordered all books at least two weeks prior to the holiday to make sure they arrived on time.

They arrived out of order but close enough that I could borrow them all at once. They all arrived by May 25th and I was so excited. I had planned it perfectly. I could pick them up on May 26th and could prep for the book hangover I know I would have on Monday.

But you decided to pull a fast one on me. The library misplaced The Raven King, the last book in the series. It showed up on my account that it was waiting for me because I planned it perfectly but IT WASN’T THERE! They don’t know what happened and they were very apologetic and working for the library I know these kind of thing happen so I couldn’t be angry and upset at the library, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t angry and upset at the situation.

Gone is my perfectly planned binge read. Now I have to pace myself. Now I have to distract myself. After plowing through The Raven Boys, book one, I have to reign it in and try to time it so the last book will arrive not too far from the thrid book so I am not left pulling my hair out waiting for the fourth book.

And I am now number FOURTEEN on the request list! From having it waiting on the hold shelf, I am now FOURTEEN! Oh, the angst!

Sighs. I planned it perfectly. Except, Universe, you have your own plans.

Well, I will justify this by assuming now is not the time to complete the series. That something better will happen because I will patiently wait for THIRTEEN other people to read it before me.

I had it perfectly planned, until it wasn’t so perfect.


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