We interrupt this program …

Genres: paranormal

… to inform you that I am binge reading The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater.

I am only on book one, The Raven Boys, but this is my second sitting and I’m already less than a hundred pages from the ending.

And that would be an okay enough pause for me to review Scorpion, Season 2, except that my past self knew my future self too well. Well enough to have ordered all the books in the series from the library in a way that they all arrived in a timely manner. I picked up Book 2, The Dream Theives, and I already had Book 3, Blue Lily, Lily Blue. The minor snag is the final book. The Raven King has arrived, but the library couldn’t find it. These things happen so I’m not worried, yet, but I do hope they find it tomorrow. With the three day weekend in front of me I am sure I’ll be flying through these books.

But, since my past self knew my future self well enough, TV has been pushed aside for a binge read. 

And I will be sure to tell you about every single book if I can slow myself down enough to review them!


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