TV 411: Young and Hungry, An Introduction


#SpoilerAlert! You have been warned.

Created by: David Holden
Network: Free Form (formally known as ABC Family)
Debut: June 25, 2014
On Air: 2014 – present
The Hook: Did she just do that? On the first day?! Shut up!

Okay, so when I first stumbled upon this show it was because I saw parts of the pilot on my way out the door and couldn’t help but laugh! And that she slept with her boss? On the first day?! I had to go back to see what exactly happens. I was hooked.

The show has been on air for a little over a year now with three seasons behind them.

Season One10 Episodes (So funny! I love the way this season ended)
Season Two20 Episodes, with a Winter Special (Funny, but also a little frustrating because “come on and wake up Josh!” but then there’s a cute “Aw, Elliot” moment and I love the way this season ended)
Season Three10 Episodes (Still funny, still a little frustrating because “Why, Josh, why?!” and “Why, Gabi, why?!” and “Come on the two of you, wake up!” And I am pissed with the way this season ended. Ugh! Pissed, but I gotta hand it to the writers, that was a good one)

Overall Story Arc:
So, the show focuses on Gabi Diamond, who applies for a job as a private chef for a very successful tech guru, Josh Kaminski. She’s given the chance and on her first night her new boss gets depressed, drinks a bit too much, and hooks up with his newly hired private chef.

The show progresses based on this awkward first day of work and the relationship that evolves between Gabi and Josh.

The Cast:
The core characters are portrayed by these actors/actresses:

Gabi DiamondEmily Osment
Josh KaminskiJonathan Sadowski
Gabi’s best friend, Sophia RodriguezAmiee Carrero
Josh’s Assistant, Elliot Park – Rex Lee
Josh’s Housekeeper, Yolanda – Kym Whitley

They are awesome! The chemistry among this core cast shines through each episode. Emily Osment nails her delivery in every episode so far and I love the energy she brings to the screen. Jonathan Sadowski is the same way. His character is not as … exuberant? … as Gabi and Josh has a touch of arrogance (you know, being a young, successful, and not too bad-looking tech guru) which Jonathan portrays well. The back and forth between these two keeps me tuned in.

The remaining characters help balance and add depth to the over all story arc, which is what they are supposed to do. We have tensions between Elliot and Gabi, which I love, because Elliot does not like Gabi, not one bit. Not in a hateful way, more like in a “ugh, I can’t believe I have to put up with you” kind of way. But Elliot is like that with everyone and I love how Rex does such a good job with it. However, the core focus and tension with Elliot between him and Yolanda. Working together for as long as they have they know how to push each others buttons and they know when to be friends, even though they still pretend not to like each other. And Kym Whitley pulls off the sass just as good as Elliot. It’s a good balance and it’s hilarious to watch their banter. These two are what really keeps me tuned in.

Sophia is the yin to Gabi’s yang. She’s more down to earth than Gabi and is really Gabi’s anchor through most of Gabi’s chaos. She’s the voice of reason, Gabi’s Jiminy Cricket so to speak. Sophia embeds herself into Josh’s staff as one of them, but not really one of them, since she’s caught up in Gabi’s chaos most of the time. Sometimes I feel bad for her, always catering to Gabi, but I’m starting to think she doesn’t mind it as much as I do, especially since that’s what BFFs are for. And it’s not like Gabi doesn’t help out Sophia. It’s just that Sophia doesn’t have as much drama as Gabi does, you know?

They all play off each other, both in character and in cast and I love watching them.

And I love that the cast and characters can stick to these four and it works well. Some core casts get so big it’s hard to follow at times, but I am glad this cast is mainly this four. I am sure they will introduce a fifth person sometime to add a bit more to the storyline, but I will be okay if they don’t. These four work. And introducing semi-main characters that support the supporting cast (does that make sense? Cause it did in my head) throughout the season works.

And the Crew:
Directors include Andy Cadiff, Phill Lewis, Katy Garretson, Anthony Joseph Rich, Robbie Countryman, Arlene Sanford, Linda Mendoza, John Nussabaum, Alfonso Ribeiro, Jean Sagal, and Michael Shea.

Writers include David Holden, Ryan Shankel, Caryn Lucas, Lucas Brown Eyes, Michael Dow, Devon Kelly, Jenny Lee, Ali Schouten, Andrea Abbate, Cindy Appel, Diana Snyder, J. Michael Feldman, Peter Marc Jacobsen, Debbie Jhoon, Jonathan Schmock, and Adam Stein.

Every episode has been well done and I love the flow of it. From the cut aways to the plot twists and the interwoven sub plots. They are doing a great job, overall. If I have anything to nit pick at it’s that with the last season ending the way it did, I’m starting to think the overall story is getting dragged out a bit. I get it, and don’t mind it too much, but I do feel like Gabi and Josh should make up their minds already. Although, in S3x8 “Young & Getting Real” I like what Jonathan says about it. He said something like “I don’t think it’s so much as whether Gabi and Josh end up together or not as it is how they get to that point, whether they choose each other or not.” So as much as I feel it’s dragging on a bit, I can see that perspective.

I do hope they make it past Season 4. They have a lot of room to work with. It will be sad if they cancel when they can do so much more! Don’t know if there really needs to be a verdict, but Young and Hungry is a show worth watching, even if only for an episode or two. It’s entertaining, engaging, and just plain old fun. I love watching this show between all the heavier toned shows like Lucifer or Scorpion or Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries (and I just realize how much shows I watch that are more drama and suspense. Then again, I am more of a suspense/mystery kinda person). With its adult themes and content, it’s not something I would recommend for tweens and younger, but of course that’s up to you. Young and Hungry is light and comical. And it’s also the perfect show to watch on your lunch break too!


Show Info: IMDb


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