Study Break: Getting serious about Russian

Well, look at that. Time flies when you’re … studying!

I guess you can call it studying. If you’ve checked in every now and then or if you’re religiously following my blog and reading every single post I write (because that’s what you’re all doing in my mind 😉 ) this may be redundant. However, if you’re just tuning, a little over a year ago I decided I’d stop all language learning want-tos and focus on Russian. I decided the three languages I wanted to learn first were Italian (because Venice is my #1 “some day” destination), Gaelic (because Irish sounds so darned cool!), and Russian (because I ended up getting really interested in Russian history and thought it would be pretty cool to learn). As you an see, that’s a bit robust, especially if you are learning another language for the first time.

While Russian isn’t my first language to study, it is the first language I’m learning on my own and the first language I really want to reach at least B2 level (per the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. I studied Spanish my last two years of high school and when I went off to college I attempted French but ended up dropping out of college mid-semester.

I’m happy to report that I’m getting pretty good at reading Cyrillic and I’m halfway decent on getting the sounds right so I’m hoping to progress to the next level soon.


As soon as I settled down from work I dived into practicing the alphabet. Then I decided to look up some Russian music. Then I ended up YouTubing soundtracks in Russian, which led me to this:

And this:

This too:

And I could go on, but then I got sidetracked by this:

In which I decided to research Viennese Waltz. And it sounds so pretty! And difficult. It sounds difficult which makes it pretty to watch.

And then I realized it’s two hours later! Ah, distractions.

In my defense though, most of the time I was either reading or listening to Russian so I feel that it’s okay I got a bit off track.

And that’s when I called for a break! In which I ended up drafting a 362+ word blog post about studying Russian.

And now … back at it!

2 thoughts on “Study Break: Getting serious about Russian

  1. j1818

    My son has taken a couple Russian Literature and sociology of Russian Peoples classes in school. He loved both–partly due to the quality of the teaching.


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