Table Talk: Book Hangovers

So, I missed posting on Friday because I was hungover. Yep, talk about major book hangover. What book junkie hasn’t experienced this?

Last week I mentioned Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and I’m still stuck on that one, but this past couple of weeks, for some reason, I’ve been revisiting books I haven’t read in a couple of years. I started with the Twilight Saga (Stephanie Meyers), then made my way to browsing Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell). I also browsed through Fifty Shades of Grey (EL James), The Infernal Devices Series (Cassandra Clare), The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare), The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), I’ve Got Your Number (Sophi Kinsella), and Just One Day Duology (Gayle Forman). There have been others I’ve shifted through but the list is already long. I just don’t know why I’m revisiting these stories. I’m not reading them cover to cover, but browsing through my favorite parts and looking up quotes I loved from the book.

I suppose I’m trying to remember things or figure out things or I’m just feeling nostalgic. I have read a couple of new stories,  Just One Night, 2.5 of the Just One Day Series (I can’t believe I missed it! But I’m glad I found it, even if it’s been out for two years) and Love, Rosie (Cecelia Ahern) because it’s a library book that’s almost due. And I only found Just One Night because I was reminiscing about Willem and Allyson in Just One Day. sighs.

It never ceases to amaze me how books seem to hold you captive. Your mind feels stuck. Processing things. Turning things over and over. Reliving your favorite moments. Noting your favorite scenes and book quotes. At least, that’s what books do to me.

So, game plan for this week is to bank out reviews on those two, no three! (since Lady Midnight needs a proper introduction and review), books out this week to make up for my hangover this past weekend.

And when I do, perhaps I can finally become unstuck and read some of the four or five ebooks I have waiting for me to get through.

Wish me luck!


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