Intercalary (Leap Day) 2016: The first post

There is something about writing “February 29th” that I love.

Leap year.

I love leap year if only for the fact that it’s different. Different because February will have 29 days instead of 28. Different because the calendar year will have 366 days instead of 365. Different because the next time I will write February 29 will be in 2020. Four more years will have past. I will be four years older that this very moment now, in 2016.

Dramatic much?


And I am torn. I want to write a good Leap Year post–since you know, four years and all–but it is also the last day of the A Month of Letter’s Challenge so I want to write as much letters I can in the last one hour and fifty-nine minutes I have left on intercalary. I also want to write a journal entry on this day. But, again, I only have one hour and fifty-nine minutes left.

And why are you cramming so much into this final hour? Procrastinate much?

I know! But this morning I left for work early because this evening our library hosted a program and I knew I would need that extra time. Prior to that I was trying to catch up on my homework. So, I had no time this morning to do what I usually do.

Fast forward to lunch break and my mind was just spinning. I ended up zoning out on Vampire Diaries. After all, I only have an hour for lunch.

An hour?! An hour is a lot of time!

I know! And I’ve got no excuse on this one. I wasn’t feel very well, feeling faint and weak actually, so I didn’t feel up to writing. Plus, it’s difficult to eat and write. Much easier to eat and watch TV.

So, let’s see if I can do all three.

Aside from all of the above, intercalary was a pretty good day. Busy day, but good.

And I’m not sure if I’m using intercalary correctly, but what the hey. I just found out that intercalary is the official name for Leap Day. The day that is the reason for the existence of Leap Year. The article I found that bit of information was interesting actually. You can find that article >>here<<. Most of the day was spent getting the little conference room ready for the program. I had a lot of cleaning to do. And the program, 3D printing presentation and discussion, was pretty interesting. We had a great turn out.

And that was that. Now I’m writing this post, my first Leap Year post.

I wonder what I will be doing in 2020. Will I still be blogging? Will I still be at the library? The last leap year, 2012, I wasn’t blogging then. I checked. My first entry was in January 2013. So almost a whole year after Leap Year. For the most part, I hope I get to write Intercalary 2020: Post 2 some day. Another part is thinking I hope not to. Only because that would mean I would be blogging for seven years and is that something I want to do? Seven years worth of blog post entries? Will I still be blogging about books and movies and TV? A part of me hopes so and a part of me hopes I would move on to other things. Or at the very least, improved upon things of today.

2020. Intercalary 2020. The future Leap Year. So interesting to think about.

Should I end here? Should I move on to the next? Also, interesting to think about.

And with that thought …