Snapshot: 2016 Reading Profile

And so it begins. Another year. It’s the time for reflection and a time for goals and all that jazz.

For me? A clean slate of reading goals!  Every book junkie knows this. They can’t wait to start a whole new year of reading.

My Pop Sugar’s Reading Challenge wasn’t met. At 50 books meeting 50 different reading requirements, I met 11 requirements. Granted these eleven requirements sometimes had up to four books in that category, I didn’t meet the 50. Which is a shame, but that only means I need to try it again.

My GoodReads challenge wasn’t met either. My goal was 75 and I only read 51. Granted it was 68% so over half, but still, not 100%. 

Usually, one would be upset or disappointed or … whatever it is you use for failure. I am a little disappointed, but I’m not so much so to understand that it was a challenging year for me. And what’s done is done and can’t be undone so we move forward.

With that said … new reading goals! Because, remember, it’s an excited time for book lovers because we have an excuse to set new book goals. And I am excited.

I’ll be participating in the GoodReads challenge once more. I like their simplicity and the fact they track it for you. In 2013 I read 81 out of 80, in 2014 I read 70 out of 60, and this year I fell short at 51 put 75. This year I’ll start at 55 and see where that takes me. 

In addition to the amount of books I’m shooting, I’m rounding that out with a new challenge circling about the Internet and I’m excited to participate in.


It’s not as robust as last year’s PopSugar but considering my commitments this year perhaps it’s what I need to stay in the game and not kill myself keeping up with a challenge.

So, here’s to 2016 and whole new 366 days of reading!


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