Random 411: A dash to the finish line!

I begrudgingly admit that school school takes time away from writing. I’m thinking more so now at I’m in the middle of my college sophomore year and moving into the concentration part of my program.

I’m also thinking it’s because of all the writing and researching I’m already doing for class.

Ok, that’s not it. I love writing and the research I’m doing is fascinating stuff. For instance, this week we’re focusing on the Peloponesian War and I’m so intrigued by it. Sparta was anxious about Athens enough to break a peace treaty, Athens refused to negotiate. Back and forth and then you factor in Mother Nature, whether it be a natural disaster or an epedemic, that can change the course of events. And right now, I’m prepping myself to write a 300-350 word essay answer. Running in the background are thoughts about my short paper (Compare and Contrast Sparta and Athens) and my outline for my major paper (The Delian League and their impact on Greek society). My 300 word essay is due tomorrow and the rest is due by Sunday. And every week I feel like I’m running towards that finish line for weekly assignments.  It’s just I’m starting to feel school encroaching on my personal reading and writing. I suppose that’s only natural since I’m a college student, but I hope to find a balance soon. And until I do, I’m taking the approach of “just keep writing, just keep writing.”


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