Life 411: Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving Day is slowly coming to a close. We’re about ten o’clock at night in Hawaii and before the night comes to a close, I wanted take this moment to reflect upon the day, the month, the year, and count the blessings throughout the year.

First things first, so many things have happened, not all of it good, and I’m not talking about my personal life, but the world in general. There’s a lot of bad out there, especially with the global events that happened in the past month.

But there’s also a lot of good. A quick search on the internet and I couldn’t find one list of good things, except for fashion and award shows. It’s sad that the bad out weighs highlights in the news and things. I get it. It’s their job. And drama, sadness, and conflict get more ratings and reviews and at some level society needs to know about some of the stuff. I just wish that sometimes we can get a little more good news than bad and I know that there’s that moment in the news when they report on the “feel good” stuff, but it’s not enough to balance some of the violence on TV.

Anyway, there is a lot of good still. A few days ago, on a flash back post, I saw something I posted a year ago about someone getting up from the chair in a crowded Starbucks and offered it to me. I blogged about it here. Then there was that time someone let me go ahead of them because I had only one item, even though they were waiting longer than I was. And then another time when someone thanked me for doing my job simply because they appreciate having the change to go to the library and that we’re their to keep it open.

So, maybe it’s not something that can be put on TV, random acts of kindness, because it makes these moments more powerful somehow.

And on this day, I can reflect upon all those random acts of kindness, these small moments that add up, and be thankful to have them. For those who has had a particularly hard and rough year, it’s okay to feel to not feel thankful, but don’t dwell there too long. Take this moment to be mad. Be sad. And then get back to being happy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, and safe, Thanksgiving!


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