Top 5: Rain

It’s been raining all day today. The first rain of the season that it’s rained all day. And it wasn’t heavy rain, more of a constant drizzle. I had to use an umbrella to walk to my lunch spot and my shoes got soaked. I love it!

I love rain. I always get excited when it comes. People think I’m weird because I live in a state where people travel to get sand and sun, but not me.

Top Five reasons to love rain:

  1. You get to use an umbrella! – Seriously though, when do you get the chance to use an umbrella? When it rains, you get to break out that umbrella you’ve been dying to use since you got it on sale at the start of summer.
  2. You get to use your rain boots! – These pair of shoes just sits in the closet for most of the year, but when it rains? There where they need to be. They won’t start a fashion trend, like, ever, but they’re so much fun to wear. And …
  3. You get to jump in puddles! – And you don’t have to be obvious about because you really don’t want to act like you’re five but with rain, you can do it quietly and smile at your inner child.
  4. You get cold! – I don’t like to be hot. Especially in Hawaii because the humidity just isn’t fun. You not only sweat, but you get sticky. And … well, I don’t like being hot. With rain? You get cold. You can get all cozy by wrapping yourself up in a nice sweater or under those brand new quilts. I love being cold. It’s harder to cool yourself off when you’re hot versus making yourself warm.
  5. And my last reason to love rain? It’s so soothing. There’s something calming about rain. The sound rain makes is so rhythmic that it’s ambient noise to put you to sleep. The idea of Mother Nature making the air clean is always a refreshing, and welcoming thought.


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