Wise Words: The Launch

*Updated 5 minutes after initial post

I was going to leave it at just the picture because that says it all, but then I remember while National Blog Post Month is to post daily the second half of the challenge is to do some actual writing. So ….

What I love most about this quote is that so often we focus only on the things that are going wrong. And I’m not talking about the trivial things like the car that cut you off, the barista who put too much chocolate in your mocha, the boss who just won’t let you be. I’m talking about things that are a little more of a big deal like making sure you have enough to pay the rent, groceries, and gas to get to work and those times that you don’t have enough. I’m talking about the job that seems to go in circles, neither challenging you or enriching your life. I’m talking about the difficulties that doesn’t seem to let up.

And then I think of this quote. An arrow can only make its mark when it has been drawn.

There are exceptions to every rule, every perspective, every situation, but where difficulties are concern, most times greater things are yet to come.

So, wait for it. The Launch. When it seems like you’re taking one step forward, but two steps back. Wait for it. You’ll be launching towards your target soon enough 🙂 .


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