Writing, writing, writing

Well, my Saturday started early. Like, 4:45 a.m. early.

And then I tried to go back to sleep, but gave up after an hour and half of social media-ing on my phone, no matter that I was lying tucked warmly in my bed. My eyes just didn’t want to close and my mind just didn’t want to go back to sleep mode.

So, I decided I’d work on my homework to get a head of the game. I have no pressing assignments and I’m almost through with the weekly reading, but I thought since I wasn’t going back to sleep I may as well get some homework done.

Only, after getting out of bed, grabbing my computer, and heading over to my school website, I just didn’t want to do homework. I know?! Procrastinating much? I should have just done it. But then my thoughts drifted to … “Well, I’m all caught up and it’s a Saturday …”

So, that is how I found myself writing. And not writing a novel or anything like that, although that would be an interesting thing explore, but more so writing to my friends and sending postcards around the world through Postcrossing. It’s been a while since I had so much fun! I forgot how much fun I have sending letters. It’s been a while. Truth be told I just didn’t feel like writing much these past few months.

I’m not going to lie. I had to kind of force myself to focus on writing, but once I got started that was it. Three hours later, I was still going. In addition to writing letters, I organized a list of family and friends I could write to last, gave some thought to holiday cards I want to send, and prepared a small list of letters I want to write through out the coming week.

It was an amazing feeling. And whether it’s because of recent events, the Paris attacks, Beirut, the refugee situation, or not, whether it’s because it’s National Writers Month (even though it’s meant to push writers to write novels), or not, I feel as if I finally got my writing groove back.

And I hope it sticks around for longer this time because it. Is. Awesome!


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