Another sad day in history: The terror in Paris

Paris has been on my mind since I heard the news early this afternoon. And since I heard the news, I had mixed thoughts on whether to write a post about it or not. Truthfully, all those who lost their lives or knows of someone who did has occupied my mind since the news hit and since it’s on my mind … well, I’m adding to the conversation.

When I heard the news, it was at the close of my lunch shift so I didn’t get the chance to read through much of the news feeds. I did follow the moment on Twitter in hopes of getting the gist of what was happening, but all my mind could process was “lives were lost” and “violent attacks.” When I did have the time to read up on what was going on, I didn’t feel up to it because of the sadness that’s there. My mind processed only snippets of conversation. Things like, “153 killed,” “coordinated gun and suicide bomb attacks,” and “mass hostage-takings.” And while the news did their job and reported the news, it was much easier to read through the social media feeds and thousands of people posted, tweeted, and snapshot their thoughts, prayers, and love to Paris. Images like:

Even though these attacks took place far from my home, it shakes me to my core to think they are happening at all. I’m reminded of 9/11, when a different yet not so different terrorist attacked. And while I cannot compare the two tragedies, they share the description. A tragedy.

To those in Paris and those who have love ones in Paris and those who have lost a love one today, my thoughts and prayers are with you tonight.

Stay strong. Stand tall. You are not alone.



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