NaBloPoMo15: That Project Hurdle!

I am a planner … of sorts. I can come up with ideas and sort of carve out a plan of action, but I’m not one to follow through. It was a hard reality to accept because, you know, no one likes to admit their faults and/or weaknesses but I’ve come to accept this about me. And it’s not that I can’t finish a project, just that it takes me longer than most people to actually get to the finish line.

With that said, the hardest part of a big project for me is finding time to work on it. As I said, I like to plan and think things through. I don’t always like to actually work on it. For instance, I have about five projects that I’ve started and haven’t completed yet due to a variety of excuses.

For one, I’m in the middle of cross-stitching a needle pouch for my cross-stitching needles. This has been on-going for about six months. Another one is that I’m in the middle of organizing a card/letter binder for all the special occasions I want to write a card or a letter for. Oh, and I’m in the middle of a Get It Together project in which I gather all important information that my estate executor will need in the event of an accident and/or my death. Yep, I have a couple of more, but I think you get the general idea.

I’ve made a project plan, bought most–if not all–the tools, and I have them in their respective “project bags” now I just have to finish it.

They’re so much fun to plan and think through. Not so much fun when I actually have to work on it.

So, in terms of big projects, my biggest hurdle is finding, or making, the time to work on them.


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