NaBloPoMo15: That One Lesson!

You don’t realize how many lessons you’ve learned growing up until you actually sit down to choose what was the most important lesson you learned as a child. I mean, I almost wish it’s like a movie, where the parents actually say “so the important lesson here is … ” you know? But, real life doesn’t happen that way, I guess.

So, what is the most important lesson I learned as a child and who taught it to me?

Some of the greatest and most impactful lessons I learned came from my dad. There’s a long list of important things I learned from him, but if I had to pin down just one, it would have to be to “read anything and everything I can.” Yep, that lesson came from my father.

I guess he knew from early on that I was and would always be a reader. I can’t remember what I was doing or how the subject came about between us, but we started talking about reading. He told me “you love to read and that’s a good thing. You see, me? I’m not a reader. Reading is hard for me, but if I wanted to do business I needed to read. So since you like to read, don’t read just story books or fun kind of books. But read self help books, business books. Read anything and everything you can.” Those may not be exactly his words, but the conversation was something along those lines and you know what? Whether it was consciously or subconsciously, I remember that advice. It’s partially the reason I don’t limit myself to fiction and that I’ll give any non-fiction subject a shot.

Why do you feel this lesson was so important?

Because reading is important. I can’t say that this lesson made all the difference and was the sole reason I expanded my reading, but it did influence me and it validated my love of learning and reading had purpose and meaning. It made me continue to read anything and everything because even at a young age I knew my dad had a good point.

Why do I feel this lesson was the most important?
It’s hard to pinpoint the most important lesson of all, because as I mentioned, there’s a long list of life lessons I learned from my father, but why I picked this as the most important is because of a few reasons. The first reason being that reading has played a tremendous role in my life. I’ve learned so much from all the books I read and they’ve contributed to the way I think, the way I feel, and the way I see life and how I relate life to me. The second reason being that I still have a strong memory of that talk. I may not remember specifics or minute details, but I remember enough of it to remember that I felt this talk was important and I remember feeling that my dad really wanted to stress the importance of not only reading, but reading other things. And last, but not least, I felt this is the most important because not only has it plays a tremendous role in my life, but it has made me who I am today.

Without reading the books I’ve read, I would never had the courage to go back to school to pursue a degree. Without reading the books I’ve read, I would never had the courage to write past my journal entries I write for myself. Without reading the books I’ve read, I would never have met some of the bestest friends I’ve had and I would have never met an awesome community of writers and readers and authors that I’ve met today.


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